Neurotech focusing on the development & commercialisation of neurological solutions

Neurotech International Limited is a medical device and solutions company conducting
clinical studies to assess the neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory and neuro-modulatory
activities of its proprietary cannabis strains. Neurotech is also commercialising Mente, the
world’s first home therapy that is clinically proven to increase engagement and improve
relaxation in autistic children with elevated Delta band brain activity.

Neurotech focused on researching the use of
cannabis to treat neurological conditions such as
autism, MS, epilepsy and attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). building on its
existing work in the field of autism In Fy21
Neurotech Commencement of world’s first whole
plant extract cannabis clinical study in autistic
children with little to no THC and unique
cannabinoids.  For further information please click here.

Our first product. Mente Autism, assists with the
management of children with Autism Spectrum
Disorder (ASD). Mente Autism is a portable,
electroencephalographic (EEG) medical device for
home use in the form of a headband that uses
closed-loop neurofeedback to helo relax the
minds of children with ASD
For further information on Mente Autism, please click