Our Team

Wolfgang Storf - Chief Executive Officer

Wolfgang Storf joined AAT Research in 2016 as chief executive officer. Prior to that, he was chief strategy officer with the MS Pharma Group. He was also CEO of Novartis-Sandoz in South Africa and held other senior management positions with Novartis-Sandoz, Apotex and Johnson & Johnson in different regions of the world. Wolfgang is a seasoned senior executive with proven global strategic and execution leadership experience – covering both commercial and technical operations as well R&D responsibility inside multinational and private businesses in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. He has a highly successful record of entering new markets, leading company turnarounds and effectively managing crisis missions. He also has experience in post-merger integration programs in both branded / un-branded markets. He has wide-ranging product expertise covering key chronic and acute TAs (solid / injectable) with focus on differentiation, as well biosimilar & OTC.

Mario Raciti - Chief Commercial Officer

Mario Raciti is chief commercial officer at Neurotech, responsible for the commercialisation of Mente Autism and expansion of the company’s distribution partner network worldwide. Prior to joining Neurotech, Mr Raciti was country manager, Germany and Austria, for Natus Europe GmbH, a leading manufacturer in the neuroscience and medical space. He has held various managerial roles with commercial experience in the medical devices field. He is a Paramedic and nurse by profession.

Dr. Marco Rotonda - Head, R&D

Marco Rotonda is a neuroscientist. He holds a doctorate in cognitive psychology, psychopsychology and Personality from the University of Rome La Sapienza. He graduated from La Sapizena with a degree in Psychology of Information and Representation of Knowledge with a thesis on neurofeedback. Marco has taken various advanced courses in the fields of neurofeedback, biofeedback and mental training in various countries; led by Peter Van Deusen, Vietta Sue Wilson, Lynda Kirk, the Thompson spouses, among others. In addition to neurofeedback, his interests include effective communication and hypnosis. He has followed courses in strategic psychology and neuro-linguisitic programming. Marco has also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Macerata.