Neurotechnology to relax
the minds of children with autism
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Neurotech International Limited, or Neurotech, is focused on developing neuro-stimulation and neuro-diagnostic solutions to be delivered via the Mente platform, an innovative platform technology to enable medical practitioners to remotely monitor and play an active role in home-based therapies.

  • Our first product, Mente Autism, assists with the management of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Mente Autism is a portable, electroencephalographic (EEG) medical device for home use in the form of a headband that uses closed-loop neurofeedback to help relax the minds of children with ASD. It is simple to use, affordable, is built on clinical grade technology and is effective.
  • For further information on Mente Autism, please click here.

    Neurotech was admitted to the Australian Stock Exchange in November 2016 and trades under the ticker symbol “NTI”. Please access the Investor Centre here for announcements and further information.

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